Jan 15, 2015

Tour 7 Rooms Featuring Luxe Industrial Design

Think exposed brick, steel beams and mechanical design elements. On their own, these turn-of-the-century items may not sound that glamorous. But mix the rustic elements alongside luxurious finishes and textures and you’ll instantly love the luxe industrial vibe.

1. Chicago Living Room: The soaring ceiling and steel beams create the perfect backdrop for the floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy-meets-modern fireplace.

2. Portland Kitchen: Notice the clean white subway tile mixed with the vintage wood table and unique chandelier.

3. Southern Dining Room: From the exposed beams, to the industrial lighting and the reclaimed wood to the clear glass table, this dining room exudes a mechanical, but luxurious feel.

4. East Coast Kitchen: The layers of lights and clean lines combine with the smooth marble to create a symmetrical, but rustic design.

5. Houston Family Room: Another example of exposed brick and unfinished ceilings combined with soft details like the white shag rug.

6. West Coast Kitchen: The light colored floors and white flowing curtains contrast sharply to the stainless steel appliances and minimal lighting fixtures.

7. London Kitchen: Notice the juxtaposition of the red exposed brick on one wall and the white subway tile on the opposite wall.

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