Nov 6, 2014

Three Ways to Use the Color White to Infuse Elegance Into Your Interior Design

Decorating with white and neutral tones is the perfect way to give a room an elegant touch. Here are a few recent projects where we used white furnishings throughout the design.


Above is the bedroom we completed at Orleans Chateau & Villas in South Florida. To give the room a luxurious and chic feel, we used white-on-white tones. And you’ll notice that the textures and patterns make the space inviting and warm.


Recall for a moment, the home office at we completed at the same residence. The white throughout the room makes it bold, modern and clean. The white furnishings are accompanied by splashes of colors in the rug on the ground, the textures in the fabric, even the nail-heads in the chair. The pieces in this space, against a white backdrop, create the perfect environment for work at the desk or relaxation on the couch.

Apartment 429 in the Artec Building Aventura Florida

Apartment 429 in the Artec Building Aventura Florida

The kitchen and dining rooms of the Artech project were also influenced by a clean, white design. Combining the white countertops with stainless steel appliances, gives this space a chic and modern vibe.

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