Mold Inspection Miami Fl

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Mold Inspection Miami Fl

All-Pro Restoration Services is a leading contractor that people call when they need a mold inspection in Miami, FL. All-Pro Restoration Services is an IICRC certified firm, so you can expect our inspectors to be highly trained, knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. We'll get to the bottom of your mold problem quickly and accurately, and we'll help you get your insurance claim processed quickly so you can remove the mold from your home ASAP.

Do I Need Mold Inspection if My House is Still New?

Your home doesn't have to be old for it to have mold, and mold can manifest itself even if the home has been well-maintained. We say this because there is a tendency for people to think that mold is only present in houses that are old or dirty, neither of which could be further from the truth! The truth is; mold is in houses that get wet.

Schedule a Home Inspection With All-Pro Restoration Services

Moisture can come into your home through the roof, through the skin of your house, through the windows, where siding fails, or through the ground. Moisture can also come into a home from within. For example, if there is a broken water line, a burst pipe, or even an in-home accident where water spilled on the floor.

Also, homes without dehumidifiers are prone to mold whenever the relative humidity is too high. When an All-Pro inspector enters your home to perform a mold inspection in Miami, FL, we are looking for signs that indicate water intrusion. We don't just use visual means for our inspections. We also use thermal imaging for cool spots, moisture meters to find the wet spots, and of course, we do employ a full detailed visual inspection of the property from top to bottom.

All-Pro Restoration Services has conducted thousands of home inspections since we started our business years ago. We understand the nature of mold and where it likes to hide. You can trust that a home inspection from us will be thorough and that the findings will be accurate.

What Areas of the Home Do We Inspect for Mold?

Not only will All-Pro Restoration Services provide you with a full inspection of the occupied spaces of your home, but we'll also go into your attics or crawlspaces. Note, if we are asked to go into these spaces, we will need to wear protective equipment, and a sample will need to be taken. Normally, the attic in your home should not share air with the rest of your house, and that goes for the crawl space as well. But if you request it, we can provide inspections and testing in those spaces.

We Offer Full-Service Mold Inspections in Miami, FL

Once we've completed our inspection, All-Pro Restoration Services will provide you with a full report. Your report, along with any lab results, will provide you with professional recommendations on which steps to take next. In some cases, when you know that you have a problem that will require professional problem-solving, All-Pro Restoration Services can also provide a mold remediation protocol along with our inspection.

Mold Inspection Miami Fl
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Mold Inspection Miami Fl