Interior Designer Kansas City

Interior Designer Kansas City

Our spaces affect many aspects of our daily lives: how we think, mood, motivation towards our duties, etc. With areas playing such a critical role in our well-being, it is essential to invest in them. This is where an Alejandro Design Studio interior designer in Kansas City comes in.

What do interior designers do?

Interior designers improve spaces by making them functional, aesthetically appealing, and safe. They do this by considering the space requirements when selecting furniture, materials, and decorative items. The whole creative process involves research, analysis, and integrating knowledge in a systematic and coordinated way.

At Alejandro Design Studio, we create designs that coordinate with and respond to, the physical location and shell of the building as well as the project’s context. We take the time to read the blueprints and be conversant with the building’s codes and regulatory inspection requirements to come up with the most appropriate designs for that given space. We also pay special attention to your needs ensuring that our designs not only adhere to the allocated resources but also promote environmental sustainability.

The best interior designs

Fantastic spaces don't come about by accident. They are a result of creativity and adherence to the principles of design. Meaning we work with the scale and proportion of a room, its rhythm and balance, creating the proper emphasis, and bringing harmony to your space and you. We also use our knowledge in design elements of color, pattern, texture, and light to ensure your interior is physically and psychologically accommodating as well as functional and pleasing to the eye.

We will:

  • Help you figure out your style and accentuate it in the design - This helps us create a space that is a reflection of the person you are.
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes - With so many design options available, we help you choose the one that will best work for you and your space. 
  • Grant access to a whole other avenue of resources - As interior designers, we have access to a world of accessories, furnishings, and fabrics that only industry insiders know about.
  • Solve problems - Every project has its challenges design-wise. With our experience and expertise, we turn every challenge to an opportunity for an elegant solution that will transform your space.
  • Get the job done correctly - We have access to the best painters, and contractors in Kansas City, which assures you that the work will come out exactly as planned. We deliver above and beyond your expectations.  

How to find the right interior designer in Kansas City?

When looking for the best interior designer for your project, there are several things you have to take into consideration. The first one is credentials and experience: Alejandro Design Studio has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Next is portfolio: we have an extensive e-portfolio showcasing all our previous projects, all at different price points.

In addition, it is essential to have a conversation with the designer. This helps you to gauge whether you can have a good working relationship during the project. At Alejandro Design Studio, our lines of communication are open at all times. For the best interior designer in Kansas City for your project, contact us today by phone, 816-421-1030, or by email,

Interior Designer Kansas City
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Interior Designer Kansas City
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Interior Designer Kansas City