Midblock – Midtown Miami

Architect on Record:
BC Architects

MIDBLOCK is in the heart and soul of Midtown Miami, Miami’s neighborhood where modern architecture intersects a vibrant city culture. Intersecting spaces and cantilevered walls give MIDBLOCK a distinct profile that balances the transition between the surrounding high-rise residences and low-rise retail.

The surroundings tell the story of this upbeat building. Lounges, Restaurants, Boutiques, + Art galleries all contribute to its prime location. The interiors and exteriors of these urban chic places represent Miami’s NEW lifestyle and destination for entertainment.

RS3 plans on keeping the buildings identity and pet friendly settings, while adding sophistication, intellectuality and current modernism to the common area interiors and

In doing so, MIDBLOCK’S current owners and tenant of young professionals and students shall look forward to a new and revamped condominium.