Sep 4, 2014

Meet the Co-founders of RS3 Designs: Raymond Jimenez and Shannon Scott

Raymond Jimenez and Shannon Scott launched their firm, RS3 Designs with the ethos “think different, design different.” And fittingly, RS3 stands for the partnership between the principals and their clients (hence the number 3).

It’s no surprise then that the team has established themselves an an award-winning leader in the design category with commissions everywhere from South Florida to Chicago and up the eastern seaboard. The full-service firm has a diverse portfolio that includes retail, commercial, hospitality and residential projects in luxury condominiums, such as Trump IIMuranoAsiaArtech,GrovenorCarbonellEpicHampton and Orleans Chateau.

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Scott’s passion for the arts led her to study architecture at Auburn University. It was there that she became inspired by interior design. She then moved to Miami and finished her interior design degree at Miami International University of Art & Design. There she met another talented young designer from South Florida, Raymond Jimenez.

Scott and Jimenez went to college together and afterwards worked at the same design firm, before deciding to open their own business in the Miami Design District. Not only do they have complementary personalities and talents, they share a passion for developing versatile, client-centric design themes.

Rather than imposing their own signature style on clients, the duo specializes in building their themes around a client’s artwork and specific wishes. They also draw inspiration from their travels and experiences. They don’t just repeat design elements from job to job, Scott and Jimenez focus on creating a fresh palette with exotic touches in each and every project.about-us

What others are saying:

“When you bring two bright designers, Raymond Jimenez and Shannon Scott, and one sophisticated world traveler together to renovate a 20-year-old, 1,400-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in South Beach’s exclusive Murano Portofino condominium, the result is an eclectic mix.” – Marina Brown, Florida Design’s Miami Home & Decor

“Jimenez and Scott took a Fort Lauderdale condo that was stuck in the ’70s and turned it into a dynamic steampunk scene pulled from a 19th century sci-fi novel.” – Kara Franker, Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida

With a background in architecture and a passion for customizing domestic spaces, designer Shannon Scott aims to personalize all of South Florida.” – Hunter Braithwaite, Ocean Drive

“When their Murano Portofino client brought a magnificent traditional crystal chandelier back from Italy, Scott and Jimenez installed it in the dining room, where it blended artfully with the furniture they had already selected. Clearly this residence is a perfect marriage of minds…and taste.” – Marlene Sholod, South Florida Opulence 

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