Aug 14, 2014

Before and After: Chicago Meets Ft. Lauderdale Part 1

For a recent interior design project, we flew to Chicago for inspiration and immersed ourselves in the day-to-day life of  our client, a theater director and professor. His goal was to bring a piece of Chicago (his home) to South Florida. We stripped the entire Fort Lauderdale condo down to the concrete. And we only had 90 days to get the entire project done.

A story published in Modern Luxury’s Interiors South Florida magazine describes the steampunk style we implemented and illustrates how we incorporated distinctive surfaces and materials to convey that 19th century industrial design look. Click here to read the story.

The before and after photos are quite striking. Check it out:


What started out as a bedroom stuck in the 70’s, morphed into a retreat fit for a gentleman — complete with Andrew Martin pinstripe wallpaper and a thick, shag rug on the floor from Design Within Reach. Notice how the the distressed and rustic surfaces slightly contradict the lightness of the ocean views.






We started out with kitschy blue sinks and ended with clean lines and subway tile. Not to mention a massive, 7-foot-by-foot door made out of reclaimed barn wood (from Rustica Hardware) that sits on a heavy, metal iron track and slides from one side to the other. To strike a contrast against the white surface, we used dark brown grout between the subway tiles.







Check the blog next week to see before and after photos of the kitchen and dining room.

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