Nov 28, 2014

Area Rugs Bring the Room Together

01 RS3 bloggingTake a look at the photos above. Do you see what they all have in common? Large area rugs in them are the common element that ties each room together.

Rugs that enhance the color of the tile or wood flooring while giving the comfort and plush feel of carpeting are the best to use. An example of this can be found in the master bedroom project we completed at Artech:

005914 copy

Some area rugs are a design element in and of themselves like the one in the living room of our Orleans Chateau & Villas in South Florida project:

Orleans Chateau Living Room by RS3 DesignsOthers break up the monotony of a simple color palette such as in our home office project at Orleans Chateau & Villas:

RS3Designs 2The bottom line? A large area rug can bring warmth to a space while uniting all the colors and design elements in a room.

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