Sep 26, 2014

A Spectacular Vacation Retreat at Orleans Chateau: Bedroom

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been taking you inside each of the rooms at this beachy chic project we completed at Orleans Chateau & Villas in South Florida. The home was recently profiled in a story in Miami Home & Decor magazine, so pick up a copy to see the glossy version of the photos. This renovation is all about our Canadian clients’ desire for a monochromatic scheme tempered with subtle splashes of color. Take a peek inside the bedroom… You’ll notice clean lines and a crisp white look and feel — we wanted this room to be extremely comfy, but also reflect the tropical surroundings. The space comes together with a mix of elements — sort of an interplay of traditional style with a modern vibe. 10346375_809314305760102_5026326501265203797_n Made to look like a bathroom you’d find in a luxury hotel, we completely stripped this space and added lavish details like the marble double sink. 10547406_809314329093433_4449266553164065438_n And this is what the bathroom looked like before we got a hold of it. Those pink sinks just had to go. 10464337_809392315752301_5790277314086143502_n   Check the blog next week to view more photos from this project. Until then, follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to now.

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